Pastry and Ice cream shops

Pastry and Ice cream shops

Firex for pastry and ice cream shop

Welcome to Firex,
your partner in
pastry and ice cream shops.

If you are looking for High Tec cooking systems, discover the new equipment and machines for pastry and Ice cream shops.

Firex offers equipment that addresses the unique needs of pastries and ice cream shops. We offer fudge kettles, jam and jellies processors, caramel and sugar cookers and more. Discover the new catalogue of Firex for pastry and Ice cream shops.

Discover Cucimix

Cucimix for pastry and ice cream shop

Safety, reliability, better quality of the finished product, greater availability of human resources, savings in time and money can be summed up in one word: cucimix.

It is a gas or electric mixing cooker with direct heating, designed for big labs and industry.

Cucimix is a truly versatile, compact all-in-one multifunctional cooker that allows you to work automatically, without requiring constant control on the part of staff and occupying less than 2 cubic meters, with a 30-litre capacity. Equipment with electronic control.


  • Cook the sugar
  • Cooking caramel: dulce leche, mou
  • Praline
  • Icing neutral and fruit
  • Custard
  • Cooking syrups: normal fruit
  • Inverted sugar


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