Automation and versatility in a jacketed kettle: Baskett’s winning combination. Manufactured entirely in Italy, this high-volume kettle with automated mixers makes everything from custards and fillings to pasta, sauces, and soups—with the same great results, every time.

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Baskett is the high-volume pan for the most Baskett is the high-volume kettle for the most demanding chefs. It allows you to precisely control temperature and cook times, so you can prepare even the most delicate recipes—without the constant monitoring or labor.


Greater capacity, more consistent results.

Baskett saves space, even in the largest models. Available in 21, 28, 34, 48, 66, and 132 gallon models, this kettle features an automated mixer, electronic tilting feature, and all stainless steel construction. Choose from a variety of accessories to meet all your needs such as a tangent draw off valve, casters, and a cooling jacket system.

Baskett, fully automated jacketed kettle
Baskett, fully automated jacketed kettle

Texture and taste, perfected.

Baskett simplifies cooking with features like fully automated mixing and temperature control, allowing chefs around the world to elevate their cuisine to a whole new level.

Enhance functionality with a cook-and-chill system.

Baskett can be equipped with inlet/outlet valves to accommodate an external chiller. This is a great option for delicate recipes such as béchamel, cheese sauce, pastry creams, and soups that require gentle heating and cooling.

Caramello Cucimix
FTC: Firex Touch Control

Spend more time creating and less time cooking with Firex touch control

Use the 7” touchscreen to manage your recipes and leave the cooking to Baskett.

  • Easy-to-understand prompts and messages in multiple languages and units of measure
  • Eight different preset cook settings as well as manual mode
  • Precise temperature selection from 68°F to 237°
  • Alerts tell you if anything needs attention
  • Plan-ahead start timer
  • Automated water filling (hot or cold)
  • Automated tilting feature
  • USB connection allows recipe backups and software updates

Baskett has the right heating option for every kitchen.

Gas versions
Heating is guaranteed by high-performing stainless steel tubular burners. The flame switch-on and control is automatic and made without a gas pilot ignition.

Electrical versions
Heating is controlled by the electronic board through a thermocouple system in order to guarantee a precise temperature reading and a fast response; the heating elements are made in INCOLOY-800.


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