Manufactured entirely in Italy, Multicooker is the machine every chef can count on for high-volume cooking of pasta, rice, and vegetables.

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The ease of automation.

Multicooker automates every step of the cooking process, so every batch is cooked to perfection—without the effort. Simply program cooking times and temperature, and the basket lift automatically removes food at the end of the cycle. And water automatically replenishes, so you never have to stop cooking. Choose the optional blanching tank and transport cart to automate the entire cycle from cooking to cooling to storage.


More capacity, less labor.

Multicooker helps even the largest operations stay ahead of the game. Choose a 32, 48, and 64 gallon model with single tank, or a select a double unit to increase capacity. Depending on the model, Multicooker has an output of up to 500 to 1600 portions per hour. Constructed in all stainless steel.

Multicooker fully automated pasta cooker

Multicooker has the right heating option for every kitchen.

Gas versions
Heated by means of high-efficiency tubular burners, pilotless automatic ignition, and a flame-monitoring system.

Electric versions
Heated directly by means of enclosed heating elements.

Multicooker: automatic pasta cookers by Firex
Multicooker: automatic pasta cookers by Firex
FTC: Firex Touch Control
FTC: Firex Touch Control

Spend more time creating and less time cooking with Firex touch control.

Use the 7” touchscreen to manage your recipes and leave the cooking to Multicooker.

  • Easy-to-understand prompts and messages in multiple languages and units of measure
  • Precise temperature selection from 68°F to 230°F
  • Alerts that tell you if anything needs attention
  • Automatic water refilling
  • Automatic basket lift
  • USB connection that allows recipe backups and software updates

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