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Made in Italy professional kitchen equipment

We share a new way of cooking for catering

20 years ago we started Firex to design and produce equipment for professional kitchens that reduce labor, speed cooking times and automate the cooking process.

We have been committed to ensuring that Firex is synonymous with safe, high-performance and innovative products. In the hands of chefs, and food technicians Firex is transforming the the food service industry.

Food service

Food service
Versatile and innovative solutions for collective catering. Browse the catalogue and find products tailored to your business.


Food processing

Food processing
Discover the wide range of innovative solutions to create ready meals, sauces, jams and semi-finished products for ice cream and pastry.


Our philosophy

Is to be the market leaders in the field of product technology and services. Offering support and solutions to all customers in the professional and centralized kitchens. Furthering expertise in
gastronomy and food industries, meeting all their needs.

Who we are – An idea of ourselves

  • Specialists in batch cooking equipment;
  • Informed team, available to customers;
  • Leaders in quality and intelligent technology;
  • Ethical professionals committed to customers.

How we can improve our external relationships

  • Responsibility and interested in our customer’s needs;
  • Professional in our approach to all our partners;
  • Optimal solutions in our support for customers;
  • Transparency, reliability and promptness in responding to all requests.

How we collaborate internally

  • Success in the company depends on everyone’s contribution;
  • We want to be experienced, informed and reliable;
  • By demonstrating commitment and performance;
  • It is important that everyone express their ideas without fear of sharing;
  • Executives are partners of employees, they help them to grow personally.

Success is the result of our commitment.

We are custodians of an infinitely reproducible quality

Masters of a culinary tradition unique in the world, we are the promoters of a food culture at the service of the community.

We give chefs of every professional kitchen the chance to infinitely replicate their preparations, and the satisfaction of finding the same quality in each.

From Rome to New York, from Dubai to Shanghai, their recipes have the same taste, and the dishes retain the same properties.


Versatility is one of our secret ingredients

We produce a wide range of cookers and professional machines with which to carry out various types of cooking, from traditional to pressure, in a simple way, thanks to automated procedures that save time and resources.
To meet all needs we develop each line in different capacities and with gas, electric or steam heating systems.
Each model can be equipped with dedicated accessories and optional extras, designed in compliance with the characteristics of the food and its properties.

FTC (Firex Touch Control)

FTC (Firex Touch Control)

The professional kitchen has a hi-tech heart

Our professional cooking equipment is highly automated.

It allows you to set cooking programmes, and monitor the progress of each phase, ensuring the safety and control of each process.

Each machine equipped with an FTC (Firex Touch Control) electronic board has a practical and intuitive interface with which to memorise and adjust each function.

With a simple touch, you can access the programmes and have every phase of preparation under control.


Firex kitchen lab: experimentation at your fingertips.

Take the opportunity and test your recipes and processes in our FKL (Firex Kitchen Lab): a fully running demonstration facility, where all Firex units are available for testing. FKL is the learning platform where you can discover the advantages of our appliances. It is the place where we have training courses for our customers and technical partners. Chefs, Food technologists, operators, and maintenance personnel. Everyone loves this place.


  • 1995
    After twenty years of professional experience, a group of skilled businessmen in the field of industrial kitchens founded Firex srl.
  • 1997
    After 2 intense years of research and development, Firex takes part in its first international fair.
  • 2000
    Launch of the new processing department, it doubles the production surface.
  • 2004
    Firex obtains the UNI EN ISO 9001:2000 certificate.
  • 2005
    The Marco Polo award is awarded by the Chamber of Commerce for “Significant contribution to the development of trade in the international markets”.
  • 2006
    The 10 million euro turnover has been reached.
  • 2007
    15000 units installed.
  • 2008
    The new wing of the west plant dedicated to R&D and sales is inaugurated.
    90 countries supplied.
  • 2009
    Despite the global economic crisis, Firex confirms the positive trend with a further increase in turnover.
    40000 units installed.
  • 2017
    Firex won the Innovative Water/Energy Saving Equipment Award at the Asian Catering Equipment awards (ACE Awards) with Cucimix.
  • 2018
    Firex joins the Middleby Corporation Family.
  • 2019
    3000 machines produced per year
  • 6000
    mq. of headquarters
  • 40.000
    units installed
  • 100
  • Today
    25 tons of steel purchased and processed.

The Middleby Corporation

We look ahead, beyond the boundaries of taste

We love our work and we are aware of being in a highly competitive and rapidly evolving market. We believe that in order to grow and improve it is necessary to think big and seize opportunities, and that is why today we are part of a large international group.
The Middleby Corporation is the world leader in the foodservice and food-processing equipment sector, as well as in the design and construction of machinery and equipment for kitchens.

Firex company
Firex company

We take our philosophy everywhere

Ever since we began our business, we have attended the main international trade fairs to spread our values through our products. Thanks to our Worldwide presence you can get our help to excel in quality and control your process, everywhere.

Firex in the world

Craftmanship at the service of innovation
Craftmanship at the service of innovation

Craftmanship at the service of innovation

We are manufacturers, and we are proud of it.

Highly hygienic stainless steel gets shape and soul in our production site. A robust design with intelligence at its core, and the quality of your product in mind. Reliability, advanced features, and fine control put your life at ease. With a touch of Italian style.

We use exclusively high-chromium steel, AISI 304 and AISI 316, which we work with advanced machinery and with an important human contribution starting from the sheet that we cut, bend, weld and finish directly in our factory. Each selected sheet maintains its traceability up to the finished product, guaranteeing a certified and exceptional quality system.