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Brofessional braising. To optimize a long and laborious process

The Professional Braising is a process that combines different cooking phases and temperatures and can be applied to meat, fish and vegetables. This is the cooking method that, if done with the right times and the right temperatures, enhances the flavour of the food more. With the braising, in a first phase, the foods are cooked at high temperatures with little fat, to which liquids (wine, beer, broth or other), vegetables, flavourings and herbs are added later, to continue with the lid closed and at a low temperature until cooked.

For communities, catering services, canteens, restaurants and small food industries the use of a gas or electric professional braising steam pan results in a significant saving of time, labour and energy consumption, and in the conquest of new gastronomic possibilities. Firex provides customers with braising pan models with different heating systems (gas or electric) designed for different work volumes and designed to braise meat, fish and vegetables in a short time and with high quality results.

Preparazioni: brasati, spezzatini, ragù, salse.