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Caramelise fruit, meat, onions and other foods on a professional level. It’s a matter of chemistry

Caramelisation is one of the most important browning processes in food, together with the Maillard reaction and enzymatic browning. This is a complex series of chemical reactions that are still little known, which leads to the formation of attractive colours and flavours in baked food, and in various beverages. The caramelisation begins with the dissolution of sugar at high temperatures followed by a phase of condensation in which sugars lose water and react with each other. The next steps of the caramelisation include isomerisations and further fragmentation and polymerisation reactions that lead to the production of typical aroma and colour, often used as colourants in commercial food products (E150), from colas to soy sauce, from sweets to ice creams.

Firex cookers are able to manage all the phases of the process of caramelisation: a probe immersed in the bottom of the tank, located just 2mm away from the product, allows for instantaneous detection of temperature variations, and the new FTC system manages heating and all process variables that can be saved in multiphase recipes. The specific configuration with peek scrapers and heating on the side walls make the Firex cookers the ideal tools for the production of all caramel variants.

Preparations: dry caramel or with water, caramelised nuts, caramel sauce, fudge.