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The Cook & Chill system for food service

The Cook & Chill system is an innovative technique used for preparing, storing and distributing food that has the advantage of minimising microbiological risk and provides, at the end of the cooking phase, a rapid cooling of the food for the purpose of safeguard its organoleptic aspects. It allows you to prepare food in advance while maintaining quality over time, and is therefore ideal for cooking centres, canteens, catering services and small food industries specialised in preparing meals.

To be truly effective and correct, the Cook & Chill process requires specially designed equipment. Firex offers a series of solutions for every need:

  • Cook & Chill pasta and rice: ideal for quickly reducing the temperature of freshly cooked pasta or rice, but also perfect for vegetable blanching;
  • Cook & Chill sauces and soups: depending on the needs of the customer’s productivity, chilling is possible both within the same cooking tank with the SCT2 system of the Baskett line, and with a water chiller that allows to ultra-fast cooling of sealed bags by immersion.

Preparations: pasta, rice, sauces, soups, creams.


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