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Mix creams, bechamel, polenta, sauces and preserves

Mixing is a simple but decisive operation to obtain consistency and texture in the finished product. Mixing is indispensable in small food industries, in meal production centres or in restaurants, the food mixing process makes it possible to produce stable emulsions, dissolve sugar, disintegrate solids, mix liquids with different viscosities, all quickly and with professional results.

This is why Firex has developed a series of machines with an integrated mixer that guarantee stability, speed and maximum hygiene. Thanks to the various types of mixers and the possibility of programming temperatures, work times, direction and rotation speed, the result is always the desired one. The constant movements of the mixer allow a perfect distribution of the heat, avoiding that the product burns or does not cook perfectly. The mixer also reduces the physical effort of the operator in a hot and humid environment, and eliminates the danger of burns.

Preparations: creams, béchamel, polenta, sauces, preserves and jams.