Pan-frying and sauté

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Pan-frying and sauté with perfect browning and aroma

In the browning process, the product is cooked with a small amount of hot fat until it is evenly browned. The difference between the two methods, pan-frying and sautè, is in the temperatures used, between 140°C and 160°C in the first, and slightly lower, between 120°C and 140°C in the second. Both serve to give the typical aroma of roast to meat, fish or vegetables, although with slightly different results. During cooking, sugars and proteins combine together to form a darker crust. This phenomenon, called the Maillard reaction, gives the dishes a particular and more inviting taste, making them even sweeter and softer.

The Firex braising pans allow you to pan-fry and sautè the products optimally, without the risk of burning them, thanks to the temperature control. If the mixer is present, the uniformity of the processing is also guaranteed.