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Professional pasteurization of preserves, sauces, jams, liquid or semi-liquid products, for optimal preservation

Pasteurisation is a heat treatment that considerably increases food storage times, thanks to the destruction of almost all microorganisms and pathogenic forms. It is carried out professionally in small food industries, canteens and cooking centres to produce preserves, sauces and jams.

With Fixpan by Firex, a pasteuriser available in 48 models with different capacities, types of heating and technical features, it is possible to programme pasteurisation cycles with the control of the temperature of the product and the water in which the jars are immersed. In the larger versions it is possible to have a recirculation system that guarantees the homogeneous temperature distribution throughout the tank.

Preparations: pasteurisation of jarred preserves, pasteurisation of liquid or semi-liquid products.