Pressure cooking

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Cooking with the evolution of industrial pressure cookers

The food is cooked thanks to the pressure of the steam which raises the boiling temperature of the water inside a hermetically sealed environment. This type of cooking offers many advantages, including a considerable reduction in time, energy and water consumption, vapours and noise in the laboratory, and the preservation of nutritional characteristics and aromas in the finished product. It also allows for easier and faster cleaning of machinery.

More than three centuries have passed since the invention of Papin’s “digester”, the first prototype of a pressure cooker, and since then the evolution of this appliance has continued to improve materials and performance. Today Firex guarantees perfect pressure cooking thanks to an automatic system that hermetically seals the braising pan after detecting the absence of residual air, and maintains a uniform temperature of over 100°C throughout the container.

Firex has developed professional machines specifically designed to guarantee high performance in this type of process. These are equipment designed for professional and industrial kitchens in restaurants, canteens, cooking centres and small companies.

Preparations: broths, soups, risottos, stews and legumes.