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We chose Firex because it offers solutions to our capacity requirments, constant monitoring is not require. Furthemore, we save time, gas and the units are totally programmable thanks to the FTC.


Over the years we have seen similarities between FIREX and Marina Brugnaro. Our wish has been to keep the quality level of our products high, Firex also has seen a considerable increase in production while maintaining quality levels. This is why we have relied on the Firex experience, whose machinery is for us synonymous with RELIABILITY, SOLIDITY and PRACTICALITY.

Food Boutique

Firex machines are perfect full-time collaborators: consistent, precise and always available.


In the recently purchased Cucimix and Easypan machines, we found what we were looking for: solidity and technology, speed in cooking times, ease of use, of cleaning and sanitization. Ideal machines also in little spaces like ours. Able to speed up the production line while maintaining the characteristics of the product as homemade. Certainly a successful purchase that in the future could determine a further request.

Chef Paul O’Neill

Working with Firex enables you to organize the day perfectly. Working in advance reduces waste, labor , power and time. Giving the user more control. A quote from a busy chef “I prefer looking at the finish product then looking for it.“

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Food Boutique: the ghost kitchen which has chosen Cucimix

We were looking for a flexible machine, able to produce different types of menus, without altering the organoleptic qualities of the raw materials. After many tests and trials, among various companies, we met Firex Srl with its 30 liters multifunctional solution. Cucimix


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