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  • Cucimix

    Automated multi-purpose industrial cooker
    Cucimix by Firex is the professional industrial cooker for catering that offers the possibility of creating many recipes in as many cooking modes.

  • Betterpan

    Multi-purpose industrial cooker
    Betterpan by Firex is the professional bratt pan for the catering industry that offers the possibility of preparing a vast range of recipes using the many cooking modes.

  • Baskett

    Mixing boiling pan
    Baskett by Firex is the pan with mixer for the catering industry that offers the possibility of creating endless recipes, in a simple way and with a perfect and automatic mixing of the ingredients.

  • Fixpan

    Fixed and electronic kettle
    Fixpan by Firex: Industrial pans for the pasteurisation of jars and food.

  • Multicooker

    Automated Cooker with continuous cycles
    Multicooker by Firex: pasta cookers for large catering service.

  • Dreener Line

    Industrial vegetable washer with compartments
    Dreener Line of Firex is the modular industrial vegetable washer perfect for processing different foods and quantities, saving water, energy and time

  • Easybratt

    Tilting bratt pan
    Easybratt of Firex is the gas or electric tilting bratt pan designed for small and medium restaurants, the catering sector and centralised cooking centres.

  • Easybaskett

    Tilting pot
    Easybaskett of Firex: The easiest and simplest solution for high volume boiling, even products with high acidity content. The bain-marie heating system avoid safeguards against scorching and avoid product sticking on the bottom and sides of the pan.

  • Easypan

    Modular Pots
    Easypan by Firex: Modular pans for restaurants and catering services.

  • Easypan

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