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Baskett is the pan with mixer for the catering industry that offers the possibility of creating endless recipes, in a simple way and with a perfect and automatic mixing of the ingredients.

Heating is gentle, indirect, thereby allowing you to prepare more delicate dishes and thanks to Baskett they do not need constant monitoring. An asset in the kitchen that lets you utilise your experience to satisfy high volumes. Efficient, compact and versatile.


Pan with mixer for taste engineers and balanced cuisine.

Baskett is a pan with a versatile mixer.

Made entirely in stainless steel, it is available in many different versions and can be equipped with a number of accessories to match all expectations.

Even those of the most demanding chefs.

Baskett volume
80 . 105 . 130 . 180 . 250 . 320 . 500 litres

Baskett, fully automated jacketed kettle
Baskett, fully automated jacketed kettle

The taste you want, wherever you want it.

From northern Europe to south-east Asia via South America, Betterpan is the spokesperson of a unique food culture in the world. Designed and built entirely in Italy, the pan with mixer interprets a new way of cooking for the catering industry by offering chefs in every professional kitchen the possibility of preparing each recipe by replicating the quality and unique taste of each individual preparation. In genuine Italian style.

Pan with mixer for any mix, each with its own cooking method.

With Baskett, balanced preparations are made thanks to the possibility of cooking with bain-marie, respecting the nutrients of foods and the most delicate mixtures that cannot cope with extreme heat variations. The indirect steam heating and subsequent cooling (Cook & Chill system) is particularly suitable for processing liquid dishes such as sauces, soups and creams. The presence of the mixer also reduces the need for manual work and even allows you to cook pasta, rice, boiled meat and vegetables perfectly.


FTC: Firex Touch Control

FTC: Firex Touch Control

  • 7” touch-screen;
  • Creation and editing of cooking programs, each of which is multi-phase;
  • Cooking in Manual mode;
  • Multilingual message setting;
  • Easy to understand and use;
  • It guarantees to set cooking times and extremely precise temperatures from 50°C to 100°C;
  • Possibility to carry out cooking and cooling of the product inside the pan thanks to the SCT2 cooling system (optional), then COOK & CHILL, available in versionswith mixer;
  • Automatically checks and restore the water level inside the double-jacket;
  • Allows you to select the quantity of litres of water to load, if cold or hot up to 90°, and then loads automatically;
  • Checks 2 different standard temperature probes: in the bottom and in the pan in contact with the product for the most delicate or special cooking;
  • Allows you to start the cooking process on a specific date and time;
  • Displays simple messages and icons for proper and safe use;
  • Explains clearly if there is an alarm and to which internal component refers to;
  • USB connection;
  • Settings of different units of measure (°C / °F; Litres / gallons; etc);
  • Setting of mixing programmes;
  • Setting of clockwise / anticlockwise rotation speed;
  • Adjustment of the mixing times and pause.

Gas versions
Heating takes place by means of high-performing stainless steel tubular burners. The ignition and monitoring of the flame is automatic, thout
pilot burner. Heating is controlled by the electronic board with automatic insertion of the minimum at 2°C before the set SETPOINT.

Electrical versions
Heating is controlled by the electronic board with thermocouple system to guarantee precise detection and a high reaction speed of the heating system. It takes place through armoured resistances in INCOLOY-800 alloy.

Steam versions
The steam is generated from an external line and is injected directly in the double-jacket. The electronic board and a throttle valve allow
cooking adjustment.