Automated multi-puropose industrial cooker


Cucimix by Firex is the professional industrial cooker for catering that offers the possibility of creating many recipes in as many cooking modes.

Cucimix by Firex is the cooking machine conceived and created entirely in Italy.

Cucimix is the friendly tool of every cook, able to manage each process independently and easily. A great asset in the kitchen which lets you mix your experience and creativity with the requirements of high volumes and a high degree of automation.

Cucimix di Firex
Cucimix - Componenti

The industrial cooker for taste engineers and for a new cooking experience.

Cucimix is a versatile industrial cooker with a hi-tech heart. Made entirely in stainless steel, it is extremely compact even in the largest capacity models. It can also be equipped with various accessories to meet all expectations.

Range CBT 30/70/90/130/180/310 litres

Versions with pressure lid CBT.A 130/180/310 litres

  1. Pressure lid
    TAll the effectiveness of pressure cooking
    The use of the pressure lid allows faster and more effective cooking, with a reduction in cooking times and energy consumption of 70%.
  2. Automatic water filling
    In versions 90, 130, 180, 310 litres
    with litre counter for cold and hot water (up to 90°C)
  3. Mixer
    Cohesion between cooking and technology
    The rotating device, with 2 or 3 arms, guarantees great autonomy in the management of cooking food. Rotation occurs in both directions and at a speed adjustable from the control panel. The mixer is equipped with Teflon and steel scrapers that can be removed for cleaning purposes.
  4. Drain valves
    Possibility to equip the machine with various types of drain valves.
  5. Feet
    Safe support
    AISI 304 stainless steel feet adjustable for levelling. Feet tailored to specific unloading heights.
  6. Probe in contact with the product
    Chef precision
    Probe in contact with the product to accurately manage even the most delicate cooking process.
  7. Temperature regulation probe
    Chef precision
    A probe inserted below the cooking surface, for temperature regulation from 20 to 220 C°.
  8. FTC
    Simple, like a touch
    A practical and intuitive latest generation touch control with which to set and adjust each function.

Industrial cooker for professional cooking and savings.

The use of a professional Cucimix steam, gas or electric bratt pan results in a considerable saving of time, labour, energy consumption and new gastronomic possibilities.

The industrial cooker for the same recipe, in every kitchen, all over the world.

From northern Europe to south-east Asia via South America, Cucimix is the spokesperson of a unique food culture in the world. Designed and built entirely in Italy, the bratt pan with mixer interprets a new way of cooking for the catering industry by offering chefs in every professional kitchen the possibility of preparing their best recipes by replicating the quality and unique taste of each individual preparation. In genuine Italian style.

cucimix - Functions
cucimix - Functions

No limit to your dishes with the Cucimix industrial cooker

With Cucimix, you can prepare mirepoix, sauces, risottos and jams. With the use of the specific lid, stews and fillings are also pressure cooked. Imagination and creativity find their ideal place in the professional kitchen.

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