Tilting bratt pan


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Easybratt meets the daily cooking needs of small and medium-sized restaurants, catering services and centralised cooking centres such as canteens, communities, schools and hospitals.

To solve the daily needs of cooking with a gas or electric bratt pan

Easybratt is available in the gas or electric version.

Easybratt Volume
80 . 90 . 120 . 150 . 200 litres

Easybratt, tilting bratt pan
Easybratt, tilting bratt pan

Construction characteristics

Gas Versions

  • The cooking tank is heated by means of a high thermal efficiency stainless steel tubular burner. The main burner is ignited via a pilot burner;
  • Gas supply via thermostatic valve with thermocouple safety system;
  • Main burner shutdown during tank tilting;
  • Temperature control from 45°C to 295°C guaranteed by thermostat.

Electrical Versions

  • Heating by means of armoured resistors in “Incoloy 800” alloy;
  • Temperature control (45°C to 295°C) guaranteed by thermostat;
  • Safety thermostat that intervenes in case of malfunction;
  • Main burner shutdown during tank tilting.