Multi-purpose industrial cooker


Betterpan by Firex is the professional bratt pan for the catering industry that offers the possibility of preparing a vast range of recipes using the many cooking modes.

Betterpan is every cook's friend tool. An asset in the kitchen that lets you utilise your experience and creativity to satisfy high volumes. Endless recipes and all the advantages of an efficient, compact and quality product in a single machine.

Betterpan by Firex
Betterpan - Componenti

The professional bratt pan for taste engineers
and a versatile cuisine.

Betterpan is a versatile professional bratt pan with a technological heart. Made entirely of stainless steel, it is extremely compact in every version and can be equipped with some accessories to meet all expectations. Even those of the most demanding chefs.

accessibility of the components

ua friendly approach

The components of this professional brattpan are positioned in such a way as to be easily reachable and replaceable, the result of a design with attention to the smallest details.

  1. Pressure lid
    Functionality beyond the limits
    The AISI 304 pressure lid is double-walled, with food-grade silicone rubber gasket and single-point sealing to allow simple and total opening of the tank. The lid is balanced by gas springs.*optional in all models except the 220 litre version.
  2. Basket lifter system
    The system allows the simultaneous lifting of the perforated baskets, to optimise the frying process.
  3. Probes
    Chef precision
    A probe positioned below the cooking surface is used to adjust the temperature from 50° to 250°. A second probe is inserted in the pan, in direct contact with the food, to ensure greater control and improved reaction of the heating system. A third probe is optional and used for measuring the core temperature of the food being prepared.
  4. FTC
    Simple, like a touch
    A practical and intuitive latest generation touch control with which to set and adjust each function of the kitchen systems in which it is installed.
  5. Feet
    Safe support
    AISI 304 stainless steel feet adjustable in height for levelling. They are equipped with a removable cover for cleaning operations.

Tante funzioni,
one professional multipurpose bratt pan

With the Betterpan professional bratt pan you can perform all the main types of cooking. You can fry vegetables and meatballs, braise escalopes and fish fillets, cook sauces and omelettes. Using the specific lid you can pressure-cook stews and risottos, as well as steam legumes and vegetables. Imagination and creativity find their ideal place in the professional kitchen.

The professional bratt pan
for the result you expect but that will surprise you

From northern Europe to south-east Asia via South America, Betterpan is the spokesperson of a unique food culture in the world. Designed and built entirely in Italy, the professional bratt pan interprets a new way of cooking for the catering industry by offering chefs in every professional kitchen the possibility of preparing each recipe by replicating the quality and unique taste of each individual preparation. In genuine Italian style.

Betterpan - Functions

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